Black Blue is a minimal turn-based puzzle game. Inspired by the yin-yang philosophy. Brand-new mechanics keeps you entertained for hours of gameplay. Designed specifically for the mobile devices and carefully crafted to the tiniest detail.

You can play with your friends on a single screen, or challenge yourself in single player mode.

How To Play

  • Black places dots randomly between the critical points, you need to find this points and place your dot before the black do
  • You need to cover more of the shape than black to win round
  • In order to complete any level you need to fill the circle around preview on top.
  • Just put your dots on the gray dots as a start point and watch them flow towards to other dots.
  • On the single player mode you play as a blue and your turn always last.

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  • Simple and easy to learn
  • Modern puzzle solving at its finest.
  • Elegant calligraphy
  • Competitive turn-based gameplay
  • Aesthetically designed 72 hand-crafted levels
  • Easy one-handed portrait-mode controls

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